Presidential Teeth

We hope everyone is enjoying their President’s Day and possibly an extra day off of work or school.  On this day we honor those that led our country.  There is a lot of fascinating history to reflect upon but we just wanted to share some trivia about the Presidential teeth in honor of this holiday honoring them!

-By the time of President Washington’s inauguration in 1789 he only had 1 real tooth left in his mouth! He had many sets of partial dentures and dentures throughout his life. At one point, he wore a set made of animal teeth, human teeth, lead, and ivory. Aren’t we thankful for modern dentistry?!

-Thomas Jefferson must have learned a lesson from his predecessors.  He was said to have taken impeccable care of his teeth and at age 75 penned “I have not yet lost a tooth to age.”  Is that true?  Only Jefferson and his dentist know for sure…

– Ulysess S. Grant went into battle for 6 days with no baggage except a toothbrush that he carried in his pocket.  What would you bring if you could only bring one thing on a 6 day voyage?

-Theodore Roosevelt died suddenly at the age of 60 and physicians and dentists at that time feared it could have been from a “bad tooth”.  Although the direct cause is now believed to be a blood clot, even back then people were aware the dangerous systemic effects of poor oral health.

However you celebrate this holiday, either honoring our country’s leaders or taking advantage of the sales, don’t forget to brush and make your regular dental cleaning and check up appointments!



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